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To go where no one has gone before, is not the kind of “Everest” that anyone would be willing to take on. It requires much more than what can be seen on the surface. But when you can stand before that which once was only a dream, you know it was worth pursuing.

Nearly 2 decades ago, Willie Möller had the ability to see a need in the community, and shortly thereafter, he set out to transform his vision into a reality. What originally started out in his garage, was patiently and meticulously turned into this well known landmark it is today. Boasting a variety of tools and things that has not likely been seen anywhere else under one roof, sets this business apart from others, in more ways than one.

We have found that one of the keys to achieving success, is to keep it unique and interesting. We evidently tick this box with an infinite number of items of which the use and purpose of most of it, simply eludes the mind. Willie is also passionate about finding the best and most interesting collection of tools and things available, and it motivates him to spend a great deal of his time sorting newly acquired items with his very own hands. He qualified as an electrical engineer in 1976, and has more than 40 years’ experience in solving complex engineering problems. It is this ability of his that sets the trend at Tools and Things to help customers find the best tools, coupled with great advice.

No matter how great the idea and the passion behind it, it also takes a devoted team of individuals to take the idea to even greater heights. This is needed to ensure that the business stays at the forefront of what the local industries and community requires. We can honestly say that our team of dedicated staff has endured and overcome much of the hardships that go with building any good business, and keeping it afloat in challenging economic times. We salute them for it, and ascribe all our achieved successes to their dedication and commitment to the vision.

To conclude, allow us to share a few interesting facts about us you probably didn’t know:

  • The 15m tool sign outside, is a metaphor for what you can expect inside. Clearly not ordinary, but nothing we do here is ordinary;
  • Our very first collection of tools and things required a space no larger than 100m2.
  • Today we occupy 1,550m2, and we are already running out of space;
  • When we moved from the previous building to our very own premises in 2012, it took no less than 400 LDV trips to move shop;
  • Our shelves total 1km in length, and since we cannot move more in, we are moving up;
  • Look out for the 7,000 bin drawers, accounting for at least 7,000 additional hidden items you didn’t know about…

Tools and Things, clearly a shop like no other...

Our Team

Willie Möller



Hester Botha

Financial, Admin and HR


Charmaine Coetzee

Debtors and Creditors


Melissa Möller

General Manager


Inge Schwartz

Sales: Electrical


Neville Thompson



Leonard Cloete

Sales and Merchandise


Enrico Cloete

Team Leader: Sales and Repairs


Johannes Maepa

Sales Assistant


Sipho Skosana

Sales Assistant

Abram Makuwa

Sales Assistant

Musa Skosana

Sales Assistant

Martin Nel

Workshop and Sales Assistant

Thembi Paledi

Shop Assistant

Thomas Sindane

Workshop and Sales Assistant

Frans Coetzee

Repairs and Maintenance

Frans Greyling

Repairs, Maintenance and Sales Assistant

Fanie Oosthuizen

Security Coordinator